İster araştırma projeleri olsun, isterse sunulan hizmet olanakları; Hohenstein ile ilgili yayınlanmış her türlü basın bilgilerine buradan ulaşabilirsiniz. Tekstil zinciri kapsamında başka pek çok kurumlara da verdiğimiz danışmanlıklar sayesinde araştırma çalışmalarınızda yardımcı olma imkanına sahibiz. Bizimle irtibata geçin, sizi konuya ilişkin yetkin görüşme ortakları ve uzmanlarla da buluşturalım.

All Organic?
Textile testing specialist, Hohenstein, has developed an assessment method specifically for cotton. This new DNA analysis method makes it possible to ascertain the amount of genetically modified cotton contained in products. This is good news for textile industry stakeholders who will be on the safe…
Precise digital material parameters are the key to the successful use of 3D technologies in the apparel industry. Hohenstein digitises the properties of textile fabrics for brands, clothing manufacturers and their suppliers.
Textiles without genetic engineering - when it comes to this concern, more and more consumers are turning to organic cotton and are happy to accept higher prices for it. Nevertheless, genetic modifications are found time and again in textiles that are actually labelled with the relevant organic…
Textile testing provider Hohenstein has been authorized by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to verify compliance for the Green Button, a German government certification for sustainable textiles.
75 years Hohenstein
Textile testing and research partner Hohenstein has reason to celebrate: this year marks the company’s 75th anniversary. Now in its third generation of family ownership, the company will spend this landmark year expanding its foundation for the future. Owner Prof. Dr. Stefan Mecheels is proud: "Our…
In cooperation with partners, testing service provider Hohenstein has created the new DIN SPEC 4868, which will define the market standard and testing protocols for compression behaviour of sportswear.
Brands, retailers and suppliers will have access to advanced 3D design, fitting and visualization services to implement – or supplement – their 3D design process with the launch of Hohenstein’s new Digital Fitting Lab.
Not all masks are created equal
Yaşam bilimi / Sağlık
Oronasal (community) masks are mandatory in many communities to help contain the coronavirus. To be effective, community masks must meet legal and functional requirements. Testing services provider and research partner Hohenstein developed the Hohenstein Quality Label for Tested Community Masks to…
Hohenstein has completed the development of its new method for analysing microfibre shedding from textiles. Using dynamic image analysis, the method quantifies shedding behavior and reveals previously unattainable data with practical implications for material development throughout the supply chain.
Hohenstein has earned accreditation to test cotton for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) according to a new protocol that forms the basis of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Version 6.0, set for release in March 2020. Hohenstein is one of only a few institutes worldwide to qualify.