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More than 4,500 customers worldwide benefit from the textile know-how of around 500 employees at the headquarters in Bönnigheim/Swabia and further 300 employees in our worldwide network of over 40 contact offices.

The Hohenstein Institute in Bönnigheim (Germany) is an internationally active research and service centre for the entire textile chain and related industries.

Among other functions, the Hohenstein Institute is a founding member of the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology (OEKO-TEX®). The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 was introduced in 1992 and today it is the most successful label for textiles tested for harmful substances worldwide.

The Hohenstein Institute was also involved in the development of the internationally widely used UV Standard 801. It allows scientifically based and practical determination of the UV protection factor of textiles which can be shown directly on the product.

On countless products the Hohenstein quality label represents quality with regard to wearing comfort, fit, workmanship and numerous other product characteristics.

The Hohenstein Institute employs textile engineers, physicists, chemists, biologist and medical scientists in an interdisciplinary cooperation to provide customers with comprehensive services from a single source.

Numerous test methods developed by the Hohenstein Institute such as the Hohenstein skin model and the thermal articulated mannequin ‘Charlie’, which help to objectively determine the physiological wearing comfort of clothing, are now internationally established.

All types of products are tested and certified in the laboratories of the Hohenstein Institute according to customer requirements on the basis of national and international standards as well as in-house test procedures.

The Hohenstein experts support retailers, manufacturers and intermediaries with their specialist know-how wherever fibre-based materials are used, e.g. in the automotive sector.

The Hohenstein Institute is also a founding member of the Testing Association for Applied UV Protection, carrying out tests according to UV Standard 801.

Particularly with regard to the so-called life sciences the interdisciplinary competence of the Hohenstein Institute represents a great advantage for customers and research partners.

The Hohenstein Institute has been offering testing for harmful substances according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 on the basis of internationally standardised test criteria and methods since 1992.

Product performance is examined and evaluated with regard to a variety of quality criteria in the fully equipped modern laboratories.

Comparative product testing examines e.g. the performance of washing powders and washing machines.

In addition to textile technology and chemical testing the Hohenstein Institute also offers microbiological tests as well as efficiency and safety certificates.

The Hohenstein Institute has regularly been carrying out serial measurements on the German population since the 1950s. Checking fit and workmanship complements the service portfolio.

Around 4,500 customers worldwide trust in the judgement of the Hohenstein Institute e.g. for chemical and textile technology testing.

Work at the three laboratory sites of the Hohenstein Institute at the headquarters in Germany (Bönnigheim), Hungary and Hong Kong is carried out according to the same strict guidelines and using the same type of equipment.

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