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Our videos will give you a brief overview of the Hohenstein Institute. Get to know one of the world's most important research and service centres as well as our numerous test areas. From personal protective equipment, to testing for harmful substances and textile testing, through to testing in the area of hygiene and the environment: Our experts offer you a comprehensive service, individually tailored to your needs and wishes. Our videos will show you exactly how we can support you and how you, in cooperation with us, can get the best out of your product.

About Hohenstein

Competence in textiles - Hohenstein Institute
Aerial view of the Hohenstein Institute
Ausbildungsberufe der Hohenstein Institute (only in german)

Hygiene, Environment, Medicine

Hygiene, Environment, Medicine - LifeScience
Risk of spread of community-aquired infections by textiles in Domestic laundry (only in german)
Biodegradation - Textile biodegradation in outdoor conditions


The compression testing following DIN 58133


OEKO-TEX® Movies

Personal Protective Equipment PPE

Heat transmission on exposure to flame ISO 9151 / DIN EN 367
Exposed to a source of radiant heat DIN EN ISO 6942
Thermal Resistance ISO 17493
Limited flame spread DIN EN ISO 15025
Maximum tensile strength, tear strength and seam strength of textiles
Complete film Heat & Flame DIN EN ISO 11612

Project Spacetex

Statement of Prof. Dr. Mecheels to the project Spacetex
21.02.2014 - Investigations using the Hohenstein skin model and the thermal manikin "Sherlock"
10.3.2014 GC/MS analysis of odour molecules at the Hohenstein Institute
28.5.2014 - Take-off for the International Space Station ISS

Wearing and sleep comfort

„Feeling good means... wearing comfortable clothes!" Webinar trailer


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